THE COURTS vs. THE CITIZENS OF ARIZONA: an Open Letter to Friends of Liberty!

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and  in the name of justice.”

Dear Friends of Liberty,
There is a situation in Arizona that defies the concept of liberty held by those who believe in the Rights guaranteed to all Americans; it promotes a rampant removal of those rights and supports a legal, court ordered redistribution of wealth. The victims are often left penniless, helpless, and dependant on costly taxpayer support for the rest of their lives.

* Personal wealth drained by court order through entities that are not subject to accountability, scrutiny or competition, and which legally and systematically takes millions from private citizens.

*Citizens driven to destitution by the courts and the allies of the system. Their personal savings taken under the watchful eye of the courts leaving taxpayers to support them for life!

*The state inserting itself into the role of all-knowing, all possessing and ultimate arbiter of personal relationships and property despite, and often contrary to, the written desires of the individual in their trust or Power of Attorney documents.

What is this that has invaded the rights of private citizens, usurped liberty, deprived due process and increased the burden to the taxpayer?


People from every walk of life, no matter how rich or poor, strong or weak are the victims of this most un-American of actions.  Their stories are being told as the bright light of truth is starting to shine on the issue.  Read the accounts here and here


There is a grassroots movement of people who have personally been subject to the unlawful taking of property, been deprived of the love and companionship of family, and actually abused at the hands of those the court ordered to give them care. They are being joined by people who refuse to accept the probate court actions done in the name of justice.

They are mobilizing to fight and will not stop until true justice prevails. They are making progress but need your help!


The Arizona Legislature will hear House Bill 2424, a bill designed to protect the people not the activist judges and special interest groups that have ignored existing laws to deny liberty to private citizens, while making fortunes in the process. The court system is pushing another “probate reform” bill, SB1499, full of “feel-good language” it does very little to provide remedies for public protection while supporting the status quo. It was written by the very same people who are currently in control of, and often profitting from, the probate system.

HB2424 must pass if the rights of the people are to prevail! Support the effort to remedy this Constitutional assault.

It is the power of the people, standing strong and united, raising their voices in unison toward a common goal that will prevail.

Use your voice to join with ours as we fight to reform the court, stop activist judges, and restore civil rights to all.

Please contact the following legislators and tell them to support HB2424, put the people first!

Rep. Kirk Adams                                                              

Rep. Steve Montenegro

Rep. Eddie Farnsworth

Rep. Jerry Weiers

Rep. Debbie Lesko                                                                   

Rep. David Smith

Sen. Russell Pearce                                                               

Sen. Sylvia Allen

Sen. Scott Bundgaard                                                  

Sen. Steve Pierce

Sen. Linda Gray                                                                            

Sen. Ron Gould

If you are concerned about this encroachment into personal liberty, private property rights, rights of due process, and the court ordered redistribution of wealth, sign up to receive email updates on this site. We are also on facebook at Arizona Probate Reform and can be reached by email at

Please look for future information and be alert for our Call to Action as we seek legislative relief and reform.

Pass this on to those you know who are defenders of liberty!


One response to “THE COURTS vs. THE CITIZENS OF ARIZONA: an Open Letter to Friends of Liberty!

  1. stan sealock

    My mother is being abused and robbed by the Arizona probate court system.
    The judges and lawyers and fiduciaries are a fine tuned wealth stripping machine.Charging outrageous fees for things they have no business involving themselves in.over 100 dollars an hour for talking on the phone.
    Strong arm robbing my family of a trust my father and mother had set up to protect from just such a do these people sleep at night? what can we do to stop this from happening to yet another unsuspecting family here in Arizona.THE MARICOPA PROBATE ROBBERS must be stopped !
    The VA charges 5 percent of a wards monthly income,how can these robbers get away charging 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollars a year. stripping an estate of all of it’s assets and worth.My parents worked hard and saved their whole life for what ? Surely not to line these robbers pockets in their final years. My mothers last days should not be spent penny less as a ward of the state because of the greed of these MARICOPA ROBBERS when she had an estate worth over $750’000.00 dollars.They must be stopped!

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